Help! I Don’t Know What To Give My Kids For Breakfast!

Summer is half over and back to school is just around the corner. Wondering what to make
for breakfasts on those busy mornings? You want something quick, easy to prepare and
something the whole family will like, right? Have I got the answer for you! Smoothies!
Ever wonder what all the hype is about with smoothies? Smoothies seem to be the biggest
trend in healthy eating in recent history. And there is good reason for it. In today’s world of
processed and fast foods and also add to that our busy lifestyles, smoothies are becoming the
fast food of choice for many health conscious people.
Smoothies are definitely a good choice for a healthy breakfast or snack and there is an
abundance of ingredients that can successfully be used to make them. The right
smoothie can provide a good source of healthy proteins and good fats, calcium, vitamin C
and many other vitamins and minerals to kick start your day. By starting your day off with
a smoothie you are providing your body with adequate hydration and a natural energy
boost to carry you through the day. This healthy breakfast that you can drink on the go
takes only minutes to prepare and will keep you fuller for longer than most highly processed
popular breakfasts. As long as you use the basic guidelines of protein, fruit, liquid, veggie
and good fat you can’t really go wrong. Just choose the flavours that work best for you.
Still have questions and not sure how to get started? Come for breakfast to my Shape Up Your
Smoothie Workshop at Movement Unlimited on Saturday September 12 to find out more. You
will get to sample all of my recipes as I will walk you through the basics of how to make
nutritious smoothies the whole family will love.

Written by Alisa Davies, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Part of our team of professionals at Movement Unlimited Inc.

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