We all need a little normal. Right now, when normal is changing from day to day and sometimes even minute to minute, normal seems like it’s so far off.

At first I relished in my lack of schedule.  I was happy to not have clear timelines and deadlines.  When I started having virtual meetings, I became resentful of scheduling my time.

Now, many weeks later, what I have realized is that it’s the structure that has helped me to get through.

It’s a reason to get up in the morning. And once I get up and start that routine, things seem to fall into place.

So how do you create normal in a time when there doesn’t feel like there is one?  Find the things that help increase your strength both physically and mentally.  Choose activities that bring you happiness and joy. Find those things that inspire you and uplift you.  And once you’ve found what those things are, build them into your routine.

One of my most favourite rituals was one I started years ago. I joined the 5am Club. It was recommended by my favourite motivational speaker. As a business owner and a mom with two small boys, it was my “me” time.  At first I resisted it.  I felt like I hated it.  I was tired and I resented having to get up that early. I fell back asleep when I was supposed to be meditating, I marked time instead of giving it my all in my workouts and I generally felt like I was getting nowhere.  For some reason, I persisted.  Maybe it’s because my mentor said it would help, or maybe deep inside I felt so better.

Several weeks later and I was no longer relying on an alarm clock to get up.  I was loving every minute of my early morning time and I had a routine that helped me thrive.  I was more energetic.  I took on challenges with less stress and  more resolve that I had the skill and the will to make it through.

So how can you create a new norm for yourself that helps fill your cup?

  • Create “appointments” for yourself that require you to be somewhere at a specific time.  Book that online fitness class or a private personal training session so you’ve committed yourself to building your strength.
  • Schedule time for your meditation or yoga practice to help build your mental health and increase the calm in your life.
  • Commit to healthy eating.  I’m not saying you have to give up potato chips.  Everything in moderation, including moderation is what my best friend taught me.  Have some chips…but only every once in a while.  Instead, find some healthy recipes that you can commit to.  Try prepping meals in advance, so when it gets to that time and you don’t feel like cooking, you can make sure it’s easier to stick with healthy choices.
  • Find a buddy to help keep you accountable.  Whether that’s a friend who will call you on your s#*t or a coach that you pay that keeps you focused on what your goals are.
  • Write out your goals or create a vision board and reflect on them regularly.

As we progress through this challenging time, our normal will evolve.  And now more than ever our mental and physical health are something we can take control over to keep us functioning optimally.  Taking the first step is the most important part…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu